Opportunities and Careers

York Field Services has a variety of pathways for a skilled claims adjuster to become one of our “Associates”.  It doesn’t matter if your experience is as a property adjuster or a liability adjuster, or both in the form of a multi-line adjuster; nor whether that experience was in personal lines or commercial lines. We use employees as well as sub-contractors and have purchased regional companies whose owners were seeking either a retirement strategy or infra-structure support to survive in the current marketplace. We utilize all of these strategies.  While at any given moment we may or may not be actively seeking to hire, we are always on the look out for talented claims adjuster candidates.

Founded in 1990, Sams & Associates has successfully continued to grow and expand our territory even during the difficult post 9-11 era of insurance industry expense control and the more recent economic recession. In fact, in two of the last three years our revenues were the highest we have ever had.  We currently serve all of California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and parts of Utah and Idaho.  We are actively looking to expand further.  We invite you to review our basic requirements and claims adjuster opportunities listed below to see if a career with Sams & Associates may be a good fit for you.

Required Skills and Experience

  • When our clients hire Sams & Associates, we consider ourselves to be their claims adjuster “expert” for that claim. As such we do not hire and develop trainees in our industry. There are other independent adjusting firms that specialize in that. We endeavor to be a uniquely qualified and professionally exceptional group of experienced insurance adjusters and investigators.
  • We require at least five years of actual recent field experience adjusting claims outside of the office, for most positions. The experience in the field is important and is vastly different from the duties and decisions an adjuster would make working at a desk full-time. However, if you have experience at a desk as an examiner, and also five years of recent field experience, then you might be especially skilled at understanding what our typical carrier client needs, and how to deliver that product.
  • Computer literacy is a must. You must be able to navigate around your internet browser. Efficient keyboarding and use of short cuts and hot-keys will make you much more efficient and optimize your earning power by allowing you to create billable time efficiently.
  • Advanced skill with MS Word, MS Excel, and Outlook email is essential. As an example, if you don’t know how to Sum a column of figures in Excel, or justify the margins of a paragraph in Word, you will be at a disadvantage.
  • Typing skill is necessary. Our adjusters type their own reports. You must be able to produce a page of text in a reasonable amount of time or you won’t be able to make a reasonable commission for your time.
  • Writing skill is important. Grammatically awkward structure will not convey a sense of professionalism in your reports and likely confuse the reader. Poor spelling and grammatical errors will slow down the processing of your reports. You must be able to accurately paint a word picture of what you observed during your inspections and to draw accurate conclusions and emphasize the salient points while commenting appropriately on the non-relevant points.
  • You must be coachable. The ability to graciously accept feedback and follow directions accurately is a crucial factor in your success as a claims adjuster at Sams. As a team member, your attitude and morale are infectious. We find that associates who are closed-minded, or consistently negative, soon find they have no clients willing to use them and no managers willing to work with them. On the other hand, associates with positive attitudes and cheerful demeanors, who can humbly accept instruction and supervision, add value to themselves and experience a steady growth in income. Being a Team Player will help you maximize your income.



  • Sams often utilizes independent sub-contractors in order to provide the highest skilled claims adjuster available where needed.
  • This allows us to associate with some of the best insurance adjusters in the market, who may not be interested in working exclusively with Sams as employees.
  • This also gives us access to experienced claims adjusters in remote areas who have other primary occupations and could not be supported by Sams work exclusively.
  • Sub-contractors provide their own equipment, work their own hours, pay their own payroll and income taxes, are free to pursue other work that does not present an actual or perceived conflict-of-interest, and are free to accept or reject assignments as desired.
  • Sub-contractors are not directly supervised, except as to how to interface with Sams systems and produce the reports according to Sams formats.
  • Sub-contractors work from their homes and provide their own transportation. 
  • Sub-contractors are paid a premium commission on billable hours. Only billable time and billable mileage are paid. Other business expenses are not reimbursed.
  • Sams is always on the look out for quality multi-line or Property or Liability insurance adjusters with significant experience, no matter where located. 
  • Send resumes (in PDF format ONLY) to  


  • Sams & Associates more typically utilizes employee claims adjusters working from their homes throughout our territory.
  • Assignments are directed to employees first, where available and as appropriate to the claim.
  • The job requires use of computer, multi-function printer-scanner, digital camera, digital recorder and cell phone. Most candidates these days come equipped with these items, but we can assist as needed.
  • An Employee or Sub-contractor claims adjuster is generally paid a commission on billable hours. Those who master the skills to be efficient and timely in all their work have a truly high earning potential. They are not paid directly on the hours worked, but a commission on the hours billed.
  • Our top-tier adjusters, with a proven track record and experience, who are capable of handling the steady flow of claims are typically granted a Minimum Guarantee on their commission, so that slow months won’t cause a drop in income.  This acts as a base salary, but is calculated on a Guaranteed number of billable hours.
  • Wage programs such as the minimum guarantee or even direct salary may also be used in certain specific situations, depending on area, job duties, and specific qualifications, etc.
  • Benefits include the following:
    • Group Medical: Sams pays 50% of the employee premium of the base plan. The employee pays the other 50% (pre-tax) and any additional costs for plan upgrade or dependents.
    • Sams offers voluntary Dental and Vision plans, available to the employee on a pre-tax basis.
    • Supplemental Insurance offerings through AFLAC are also available for purchase by the employee. Some of these are pre-tax deductions.
    • Personal Time Off accrual. Even Time & Expense adjusters can accumulate PTO hours to use for taking time off or cushioning the occasional slow periods.
    • Client or Employee referral incentives.
    • Educational assistance incentives.
    • 401k plan: We match your contribution at 25%, up to 4% of your income.
  • We hire for both Full-time and Part-time positions. We also hire for CAT & temporary placement needs as outlined below.
  • Often, retired or semi-retired adjusters can find a perfect fit with their lifestyle and their preference for occasional or seasonal work.
  • Sams & Associates abides by all applicable state and federal employment regulations.
  • Sams & Associates is an “At-Will” employer.
  • Resumes should be submitted (in PDF format ONLY) directly to  

CAT Adjuster

  • Sams & Associates has developed a CAT team of qualified and certified claims adjusters to respond to local or out-of-state Catastrophe losses.
  • Deployments out-of-state may last from a few weeks to several months.
  • The work involves long days, seven days a week, living in and working from hotel rooms. Experienced CAT adjusters will tell you it is hard work.
  • However, the earnings potential can be extraordinary.
  • If you have an interest in being an on-call claims adjuster in our CAT team pool, Sams may have a great opportunity for you.
  • If you would like to register with SAMS & ASSOCIATES as a CAT adjuster to potentially be called when a major event happens, please complete the form at www.sams-assoc.com/CAT
  • Or contact us at    Note: any submitted resumes should be in PDF format ONLY.

Temp Adjuster

  • Sams & Associates also provides temporary adjusting and staffing services to our preferred clients. 
  • Assignments to work in our client facilities may last for a few days or many months. 
  • You would be an employee of Sams & Associates and receive full wage and benefits as such.
  • You would also gain valuable industry experience and client knowledge.
  • Contact us at    Note: any submitted resumes should be in PDF format ONLY.

Business Owners

Sams & Associates has a track record of successful mergers, acquisitions and joint venture projects with local or regional independent claims adjusting organizations.

If you are a small or regional IA owner/operator and are looking for an exit strategy, or if marketing and administration has become an unbearable burden, contact us to discuss the various options available to team up with Sams & Associates to everyone’s benefit, including your clients and employees.

Contact one of our officers for a confidential discussion about your needs and desires: 

  • Bob Lund - 916-837-4484

Please Note: The above summary descriptions are not a complete and exhaustive listing of our hiring criteria. All candidates would be subject to an application process which would minimally include submitting a formal application, screening, interviewing and a vetting process by Sams & Associates management.