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An Interview With Olga Clausen

One doesn’t even have to hear Olga Clausen croon soothingly to one her daughters on the phone or see how quickly she produces photos of her three handsome youngsters to know how central they are to her existence.  Her job with Farmers Insurance as a Commercial Large Loss Property Adjuster (a Senior General Adjuster, in fact) plays right to her devotion as a mother.  “I have the best job for me in the world.” Olga states with conviction.  “Sure I have to travel some and when I do I hate being away from my family, but while I’m working from home I can manage my time to spend more time with the kids than the average working mother, so it balances out.  I find it so important to be able to work from home that I wouldn’t give it up for twice the salary- it is priceless.” 

Olga is obviously passionate about time management and says “I always answer my phone, even when I’m on vacation because it takes more time to retrieve the message and call them back than it does to just deal with it right then and there.  Besides, my policyholders want to get back into business and whatever I can do to respond to their questions immediately demonstrates that I want to help them do that.  I can go out to a loss and speak with confidence to our insureds that their damage will be repaired as close to original as possible This kind of responsiveness results in my having very little problems with Public Adjusters which makes the file go more smoothly and quickly.”  “I have such faith in Farmers Insurance that my family has all of our own insurance through the company.  I know that things are going to be handled right if something does happen.”  Olga came to her first job in insurance by answering an ad after graduation from CSUS.  “It sounded like a good job to me and it has been a good fit from the beginning.” 

The Commercial Large Loss Team is comprised of 25 adjusters around the country that are managed by 4 Team Leaders in various states.  The adjusters are assigned losses close to their homes whenever possible but, Olga says, they are assigned losses wherever in the U.S. that they are needed. 

Hers is an active family and she and her husband of 15 years, Alex, like to keep the children interested in being active by doing fun things as a family.  “My kids know better than to tell me that they’re bored!  All of them have been riding a 7 mile track since they were 4 years old,” she reports proudly.  In addition to an active lifestyle, Olga makes an effort to keep her impressive figure by working out regularly with friends in her neighborhood.  “I love to cook and to eat what Alex and I prepare so I have to keep up the exercise in order to be able to eat the food I love.  It’s the price I pay.”   The couple entertains a great deal and their closest friends are people who also love to cook.

Each year she and close girlfriends head to Phoenix in July “I love the heat” she explains unnecessarily.  “We all take our kids and get in the pool and just have a great time- the hotter the better!”  So while you’re reading this, take a moment to think of this leggy brunette- basking in the Arizona sun wearing a huge grin for her most fortunate life.   

by Joan Barrett -

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