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An Interview With Eric Tye

Eric Tye believes that the widest possible base of experience is the key to remaining employed in this climate of shrunken labor pools and withered claims volume.  “Education opportunities allow one to widen their experience level as I increasingly see adjusters who specialize become unemployed first.  The specialists are the first to become a statistic in these winds of change.  It seems to me that people need to take a risk or two to prepare for the future that will probably look different than it does today.”  Eric went on “I think that relationships are continuing to be another key to survival.  It’s easier than ever to stay in touch with people that were former co-workers, classmates, bosses…although I confess that I don’t take the time to use the current social media, I think that any path that accommodates strengthening relationships is a good one to take.” 

“Insurance isn’t the only industry that has changed significantly; railroads, clothing manufacturers, printers, newspapers and the auto industry are only a few that are heavily influenced by the information technology world.  Adjusters need to learn how to use all the tools available to remain useful to the insurance carriers and independent adjusters.  I have worked in different spheres in the industry; for an industry giant at Farmers Insurance; as an independent adjuster for Freese and Gianelli and now for the regional carrier, Financial Pacific.  I feel that I have gained valuable experience along the way at each of these employers but no way will I stop pursuing education.  The CCNC is a great resource and I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the liaison to CCNC for my company the last few years but if that weren’t an option, I think I’d turn to the internet to become well-versed in trends so I can be ready to change if I have to.” 

“Our company, Financial Pacific, has done very well through the latest turmoil- current data shows the number of policies written has increased even though the premium dollars are not growing.  The company has stayed small and competitive by targeting the commercial construction trade and small retailers.  We have survived by maintaining the price and increasing the service levels.  I think the extremely low turnover is the result of the staff of extremely experienced adjusters that have the ability to take on the extraordinary claims and please our customers.” 

Eric’s family and lifestyle has driven his aspirations since 1987 when he went to Farmers Insurance as a recent college graduate.  He and his wife had 3 children when they adopted 3 more and that large family has been a blessing that they never lose sight of.  “I never could have predicted this life 15 years ago”, Eric says.  “My family is my number 1 priority and I’d do anything to keep them well and safe so it is a bonus that I love my job and am thankful that I can work for such a great company with great people.  Now that we have most of the children still home plus 2 grandchildren, my wife and I live with the happy chaos of teen drama and baby stuff.”

“My wife is an amazing person, very artistic and talented.  She is currently planning to take on the restoration of a VW van with our oldest son who is very mechanically adept.  I enjoy cooking, sports and politics and feel blessed to able to enjoy these activities.”  

by Joan Barrett -

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